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Summit Medical Specialties is an industry respected Mopec autposy saw repair, maintenance and preventive maintenance facility. Our company enjoys a long history of success in the medical equipment and instrument market. Our technicians are experienced in the biomedical repair field and are qualified to work on a wide range of biomedical equipment. We specialize in the repair of Mopec autopsy saws, dermatomes and surgical instruments. We also provide high quality stainless steel autopsy saw blades at a very competitive price.

Basic Repairs - $492.00
Our team will disassemble, perform a complete ultrasonic cleaning and evaluate, repair or replace as needed:

• Replace Bearings - Front, Rear & Needle Bearing
• Replace Brushes, Springs & Brush Caps
• Replace Bushings
• ReplaceScrews, Washers, etc.
• Refurbish Armature
• Refurbish Field
• Replace Oil Seal
• Felt Oil Wick & Lubrication
• Replace Gasket
• Replace Power Cord
• Replace Power Switch
• Re-Calibrate
• P.M. Safety Test

Replace Parts in Addition-To Basic Repair

• Replace Cam Add $30.00
• Replace Link Add $30.00
• Replace Armature Add $125.00
• Replace Field Add $60.00
• Replace Shaft Add $125.00

Additional Services Available

• Shaft Conversion $125.00
• Replace Electrical Switch Only $125.00
• Replace or Shorten Cord Only $125.00

120 Day Warranty

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Because Summit Medical Specialties maintains a complete inventory of OEM quality parts, turnaround times are fast and efficient, most repairs are completed within 48-72 hours of customer approval.
All repairs will be quoted for approval. There is a 90 Day Warranty on All Repairs.
Summit Medical Specialties is also a provider of

High Quality Stainless Steel Autopsy Saw Replacement Blades

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